The new coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Events and training facilities are gradually being canceled or shut down to prevent its rapid spread, impacting everything and everyone – including athletics. There’s a strong chance gyms will close down for unknown periods of time, depending on regulations from federal or local authorities.

Does this mean you should stop building strength? Well, the virus may have changed a lot but not this: If you don’t use it, you lose it.

We must respect the circumstances but also prepare for what lays ahead and adopt the right focus. Swimmers still will want to swim fast. Canceled championships don’t mean we should give in and stop working.

What is the Virus?  

The coronavirus is a respiratory syndrome virus that can cause COVID-19 – acute respiratory disease. The virus particles resemble a crown, giving the disease its characteristic name. The virus is highly contagious and there’s currently no vaccine to treat it.

What does it do? 

Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. I imagine it feels like a prolonged asthma attack for days on end. It can take several days for symptoms to show. As a result, a person may be infected and contagious for days without knowing so. For more detailed information, global health expert Alanna Shaikh hosts a fantastic TED talk about this – scroll down to see.

Where can I get accurate and reliable updates?

CDC has regular updates – get their COVID-19 safety guide here.

World Health Organization does a wonderful job updating us on the most reliable data and information.

MySwimPro wrote a great piece on what swimmers should do during this time.


Be mindful.

Be aware of your own health and feelings. This is an important time to be in tune with your body. Do you know your resting heart rate? I imagine the body’s first response to fight something foreign will be an elevated heart rate. Check your resting heart rate on a daily basis for the next few weeks and months. Increases of 5-10 beats per minute may be a sign to take it easy. All Swimmer Strength athletes will be closely tracking their resting rates on a regular basis and reporting them back to me. Smart watches come in handy in these situations, but simply lying in bed and palpating an artery to find the pulse does the trick as well. Be consistent and write down your results.

Wash hands & equipment.

This is probably the most annoying recommendation. No one wants to be told to wash their hands more or touch their face less. Still, make a conscious effort to wash your hands thoroughly. And make an effort to wipe down gym equipment before and after you use it. Both staff and your fellow exercise partners will thank you for it.

Keep reasonable distance.

We know gyms can get crammed and tight. Keep your hands to yourself. Tone down the high-fives. And keep being normal. Continue to respect others. 

Sleep more and stress less.

Our bodies recuperate the most at night. Napping does not count. The immune system will be further strengthened if we increase our hours of sleep and decrease our cortisol stress hormones. Added angst and worry represses our immune system.

Workout from home.

If you want to stay at home for safety reasons – or if your gym closes down – then use your body wisely. There will still be championships to come.

A personalized online training program might come in handy. I will guide you in your training through this mess. We will to pay attention to your resting heart rate and other early warning signs, and shut down your training if we suspect infection.


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Strive on,

Coach Deniz