To the integrative way of enhancing performance

We envision the sport of swimming taking land-based training to a completely new level. No matter what your connection is to swimming, we want to educate you about how strength training empowers the swimmer body.


Our online portal provides multiple resources to enhance performance for competitive swimming across the globe. Build muscular strength & power, learn about your body and avoid injuries by taking care of your body to excel in competitive racing.

What We Do


We feature free videos with swimmer relevant exercises in fun ways. This is our way of bringing you the latest research in innovative ways – enjoy.


Research Blog

Our blog is filled with easy-to-understand knowledge regarding land-based training. We cover topics including strength, recovery, diet, and mental training – to enhance your performance.


Swimmer's Edge Program

The SEP is engineered to fit your athletic needs and goals in a way that sparks transformation and accelerate improvement giving you the competitive edge.


Online Conferences

The future belongs to you – what do you want to know? This personal way of teaching will ulitmately answer many of your questions. Just ask us.



TRX Tricep Extension

Strengthen your triceps in a way that it's relevant. Activate your entire core and shoulder stabilizers while doing the TRX Triceps Extension. When you progress, make sure that you know your limits and don't go down too far too fast. Everything is relative and this exercise can be tough for an age group swimmers as well as for a professional swimmer.

Swimmer's Edge Program

Individualized for each athlete's need

We will work with you to create a guide to enhance your performance through an unforgettable learning experience

Strength & Dryland Training

  • Enhance muscular strength, power, and explosiveness for superior aquatic performance.
  • Improve core stability to enhance body position in the water.
  • Be part of innovative exercises designed to yield maximum improvement while preventing injuries.

Mental Strength Training

  • Form your own performance mission and learn new techniques from the latest sport psychology research.
  • Focus, vision, and desire keeps you motivated – we will help you optimize each aspect to swim faster.

Performance Analysis

  • See your performance improvements first-hand by learning to analyze your body's adaption to training and racing.
  • Learn the nuances of gender-bases stroke specificity to gain a more objective perspective.

Dietary Guidance

  • Gain insight on how to mindfully structure your diet through a sufficient and balanced intake of necessary nutrients.
  • Learn to recognize and identify your physical attributes to better understand your metabolism and how it affects your training and everyday life.

The Team

Co-Owner, Media Production Director

Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Founder, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Co-Owner, Director of Communications

Head of Finances


Sean Kao

A California native, Sean is studying exercise and wellness and is a sprint freestyler at Arizona State University. Outside of the pool, he is an avid reader of anything pertaining to swimming and exercise- related and coaches summer league kids aged 5 to 16.

Ashlyn Karosas

Ashlyn is a collegiate junior swimmer at the University of Utah, who is finishing her undergraduate degree in exercise and sport science. After graduation, she plans to work with elite and professional athletes in their strength training regimens. Writing for Swimmer Strength gives her the opportunity to learn and grow within the exercise science field.

Jesse Rodriguez

Jesse is a Salvadoran exercise science and biosciences major at California State University of Los Angeles. Jesse has his sights on competiting at the World Championships and Olympics within the next few years. His passion lies in swimming, exercise, nutrition and related research studies.

Byron Shefchik

Byron Shefchik is a five-time NCAA All-American with numerous accolades under his belt, including a bronze medal in the 1997 World University Games, a 2012 U.S. Masters National Champion title, and 2013 Pan-American Masters Chamption title. He is also the first male athlete from the BYU Swimming and Diving team to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at BYU, where he graduated with a degree in physical therapy and later earned his MBA.

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